Episode 3

Season 2 - Ep 3 - Scaling Machine Learning from Zero to 100 with Sandhya Iyer

Episode 3 S2 – Scaling ML from Zero to 100 Machine Learning – Your organisation is ready but how do you get started and how do you successfully scale automation across your organisation?

It was an absolute pleasure to have Sandhya Iyer on the podcast to share her experience and views on how to scale a ML function from Zero to 100.

Sandhya is a well-respected Data leader and an active participant of the Data professional’s community in Australia. She is a Keynote speaker who has been voted amongst the Top 5 Analytics leaders in Australia by IAPA.

Sandhya is passionate about introducing Technology and STEAM to the young female population and is a director and volunteer of an organisation called GO GIRL, GO FOR IT. They bring together roles models from the IT professions to excite and engage female students from Grade 5 to Year 12 by introducing them to the vast range of global, lucrative and varied career options in IT.

In todays discussion we cover:

•             How you get started with ML in an organisation that is new to ML.

•             The process of scaling and taking ML to the next level

•             The factors you need to consider to enable growth & adoption of ML.

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