Episode 9

Season 2 - Episode 9 - The importance of having a Data Strategy that meets your business needs

Kathryn has spent more than 15 years in government and banking and financial services combining analytics, innovation and customer-first thinking in a variety of analytics leadership roles. Having begun her career as a practitioner in Advanced Analytics, Kathryn brings an appreciation for the technical capabilities required to generate insight out of data.

On this episode we talk about the importance of having a data strategy that meets your business needs.

We cover:

  • What a Data Strategy is?
  • What makes a good strategy?
  • How to ensure that a good strategy is tightly anchored to you business strategy
  • What things should a data strategy cover and address
  • How you quantify the value of Data and Analytics to an organisation’s bottom line
  • How do you get executive buy-in for a Data Strategy

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